9 signs you need help with removing pet urine in Tipton IN
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Let's talk pet urine. It ruins carpet, carpet backing, and eventually the very foundation of your house. Not to mention the horrible smell that will always be loitering in your home. The bottom line is, if you have pet urine in your carpet, you need to remove it. Do you need help removing pet urine from your carpet? Give us a call at 765-457-8344, we are ready to remove pet urine from you carpet and upholstery as soon as possible!



If you're not sure if you need a carpet cleaning,

read these 9 signs below to find out:



pink porta potty in Tipton INSign Number One

Sometimes you wonder if your house smells like a porta-potty.

Sign Number Two

You’re pet is well trained, but for some reason they keep urinating in the same spot over and over.

Sign Number Three

You can see unattractive pet urine stains on your carpet.

Sign Number Four

The previous owners/renters in your home had pets-even if you can’t see pet urine stains they could still be there beneath the surface.

cleaner bottles in Tipton IN

Sign Number Five

You’ve used a store bought pet urine remover and it just made the urine stain worse.

Sign Number Six

You have been potty training a puppy... and they have had many-an-accident on the carpet. 

Sign Number Seven

You have an older dog or cat with incontinence problems.

Sign Number Eight

You’ve had a carpet cleaner come to your home, but they failed to remove the pet urine stains from your carpet.

puppy on carpet in Tipton IN

Sign Number Nine

You’ve tried everything you can think of and you still can’t remove the pet urine from your carpet.

If you are having trouble removing pet urine stains, then it may be time to call in the experts. Shirley's Chem-Dry carpet cleaners are unlike any other carpet cleaners. We are capable of removing pet urine and odors for good. In homes like yours we have shown great results by removing carpet stains both old and new. Allow us to step in and eliminate pet urine odors so your carpet can look, smell, and feel its best once again.